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When In Baltimore, Bring Elephants

31 Jul


Marti Wouldn't Approve


Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 09:31:54

I can't thank you and Sue enough for partaking of the events that day. All the weirdness aside, it was a fabulous party. I've been getting feedback ever since, most good, some bad, but fuck the ones who are complaining. Hope the video people will forgive my leaving them behind and give me the video....they are holding out now, sulking. I am trying to explain to them that the video opp in the limo was not anything I would want to keep for posterity's sake...

I await the pics as they come, in whatever condition. I appreciate your tenacity, your wit, your
friendship and the elephants...thank you ever so much!

Til next time...

Marti Iben

Early Stages Of A Dirty Flirt

06 Mar

Elephant Flirt

Elephant Flirt


Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 14:49:18

Hello charmer, just browsing by, saw Jersey Jam winking at the crowds, and thought I'd make a pass. I too sit at my computer until I drop beneath it. However, I rarely swing by the AOL corridors these days since moving up to the "true" Internet services, but I will never sandbag my favorite online service. I've been a member since 1992, those early days when AOL™ boasted a mere quarter million subscribers, and trailed both Compuserve and Prodigy in size, maybe not in sheer voluptuousness of form as she was thin and but in ease of use she came and she conquered...

I shove quite a mouthful of bits and bytes of writing to friends across the Net, but would love to include you in the Fatz Bullwinkle inner circle. I am cc'ing this note to another mailbox in order to keep my files all together, and also to give you another, more accessible address to reach me should you find me worthy of your interest. You know, I've written to maybe a half dozen folks on the cold like this and only one other person responded, but to paraphrase your own sassy quote, "Too much of a bad thing, can't be all bad..." so I'm taking the plunge again. Just consider this the early stages of a dirty flirt. Remember, the words's the bird, and the bird's the word. Elephants need to splish splash, too.

Married to my best friend, the financial manager in a consulting firm here in DC. Most people I know consider me a whacked out genius just waiting to happen, or just a big blowhard of nothing not worth the snot in the nostrils of a sick stampede. Not much to show for the former yet, but I keep plucky by mudwrestling with my Macintosh 8500/120 building a multimedia web site dedicated to the arts and the social conscience. Am still in the beginning stages, although I also have a few homepages scattered around the GeoCities scene, I'll surely share with you, if we build this E-mail bridge you've inspired. I too am a bit hefty at 270 lbs, seventy-three inches tall, with a story to rattle the walls of ten thousand great novelists. Yes, my wife Sue and I dig elephants and moose, hence my handle, although she's actually more of a horse lover with grand intentions, although of late, she's traded the horse saddle for a Macsaddle, as we race to build this site together, she with financial and OS technical skills while I measure in with graphical creative and internet support strengths. What's your specialty, wonder woman?

I'll cut this short since I have no way of knowing if you will respond, but I do fancy a flowing and fabulous, highly delicious mind and body. Let's find a way to close the gap between your town and mine with the language we both know how to use, the language of fat and fab, and lots of gab...

It's hardly a risk, tsk, tsk, tsk...

Fatz Bullwinkle


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""