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11 Apr

With little idea of how emphatically alert
the carrion forces of irony would approach me
in this odd doohickey state of mine,
I was celebrating with moving trucks
and farewell glimpses like signals from another frontier
that I, yes, the royal roving eye
had finally escaped the nation's capital after twenty-two
hostile years of stifled scream, fish tales, and orgasm,
my formidable punk rock years frothing and frosted beneath me,
punishment enough I had hoped for choosing the prophetic muses
of blathering fifth angel guitar heaps over the deadly aims
of the finely papered greed and arrogance creeps
the city of Washington breeds, imports, and exports
across its continental colonies and beyond, far beyond,
gesture control, this leering lawmaking
jeering jawbreaking city's major industry,
and by that I mean ONLY industry...

but obviously I had miscalculated the odds—
the shady odds not even a straw hat hombre from south of the imaginary
Mendoza line as legal as lint, can beat. Flattened by repeated failure,
and by failure, I mean absolute and uncompromised failure,
I had become nothing more than an aching suburb of my former self.
I had gone west by God. In smutty nutty wisecracking Wheeling
                      West Virginia
I soon found myself smack dab in the middle
of the next pygmalion effect.

Allow me to elaborate my first full week
here on Main Street in Victorian Old Town, I saw,
and by that I mean O-L-D, the flaking, rotting, stinking carcass
of a former glory gone desperately poor, I saw myself
perched eighty feet on a bluff above the historical
but now quaint yet periodically swelling, raging,
bank-defying Ohio River down below.

First week here POTUS came to town,
a speech at the Capitol Music Hall,

Floods in Wheeling, nope, in DC.
Presidential motorcade.
punk city, nope, wheeling, massive tats & nose rings—
few hicks, lots of itching though.

[ 2006, Wheeling, WV ]

The January Benchmark

19 Jan

Powerful Persuasion

Powerful Persuasion


Sun, 19 Jan 1997 01:20:28

I must say you site is one of the more interesting that I have encountered on my somewhat short trip on the WWW. I'd like to cast one point of view into the fray if I may...

It is simply this. Atrocities have been committed throughout history in the name of almost every philosophy, religion, political agenda that one may acknowledge. Pol Pot is said to be responsible for 6 million torture-deaths in Cambodia-Campochia alone, all in the name of trying to save his country by destroying intellect and family. Stalin, Mao, The Spanish Inquisition, Columbus, Lincoln, Lee, et cetera were ALL responsible for ordering or performing atrocities, murders, et cetera in the name of a cause.

On the other hand, Jesus of Nazareth has never been linked historically with anything other that the actions of a peace maker (casting the money changers from the temple excluded). The only time he showed anger was when he was arguing against the very things that you argue against on you web page—oppression, hurt, ill will toward mankind. Those who followed in his name have their own histories to atone, but you can't hang their sins on the Nazarene, except in terms of projection, of religion.

My point is just this: humanity is by nature imperfect and subject to a wide variety and degree of existential imperfection and imperfectability—some quite devastating and horrible. Just because humanity can create a horror in the name of something does not mean that the something is neccessarily bad—just the man.

Let's just call this my January benchmark,


"There is pain in changing and pain in staying the same. Choose the one that moves you ahead..."


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""