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Parsing The Criteria Of Great Art

17 Aug


"Ancient" by William Blake


Originally published on September 17, 1996

Landry wrote: This reminds me of an argument I had with my friend Brad who is a painter. He said that painting is art and writing is craft. What do you think?

Someone should kick poor mad William Blake up out of the grave. He called Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples the greatest ARTISTS the world has ever seen about the same time his friend Thomas Paine was facing the wrath of the English & American church leaders with his revolutionary AGE OF REASON, written mostly while sitting in the Bastille awaiting the guillotine for refusing to badmouth his friend King Louis, whom Paine held in high esteem for the king's much needed assistance to the colonies during the war against the English crown. Uh, now THAT reminds me of a peculiar intrigue Tom Wolfe's THE PAINTED WORD invoked with his fictional world reknown artist (this was a book about the NY painting scene where one's greatness as an artist is inseparable from the superior qualities of the particular THEORY of the art, brownie points for the thinker, nee writer once again, it seems) who while sitting in an unremarkable bar in an unremarkable mood suddenly had a great idea. He had only a glass of water and a paper napkin at his disposal. He quickly dipped and began etching, but just as suddenly as the idea had dawned in his mind's eye the world famous artist collapsed on his barstool and expired. Obviously his etching evaporated, but the question remained in Wolfe's assessment, was the idea that the now dead artist had expressed ever so briefly been that artist's, and therefore, perhaps the world's greatest work of art?


William Blake

Blake did it all in a sense, a man of deep thought and adroit action like American contemporaries—with his large body of wood etchings, paintings, poetry, his literary criticism, his anti-clericism, his involvement in the politics of his day, his strange mystical nudism, his sagacious love for his wife, all tempered by his touch of madness, and yet he called Jesus the GREATEST ARTIST. This same Jesus who never wrote or painted a damned thing except to draw some line in the sand, and there are those biblical scholars who amazingly even claim this was an apocryphal tale (now famous as the "he who is without sin, please please cast the first stone" scene) they insist was inserted by later scribes. This viewpoint leads of course to the idea that ideas are the guts of art, NOT shapes, lines, colors. Paintings may certainly express an idea, or several, but one is never exactly sure what that idea is unless the artist is part of that Clement Greenberg (the NYC art don) regime boasting an idea per brushstroke...

So it goes without saying that I tend to agree with Blake that it takes everything you've got to create art, but then (to answer your question), can paintings lie, cheat, and steal the way words do?


About As Real As Jesus On The Mule

07 May




10:30 AM 4/29/99, Sue Hedrick wrote:
Think this is real?

About as real as Jesus on the mule. Tim called this morning to thank us for yesterday's invitation, but he was out and didn't get back until late. Said he will no doubt see us this weekend as he's on tap to help Peter out the door. Saturday, he said. Looking forward to renovating the room for Mother. If the new furniture, both tiers of it, will be ready for pickup by Saturday, which is May 1, then I will go ahead and rent something. The phoneline at the Bladensburg U-Haul outlet has been busy for the past fifteen minutes, but we can get a small truck for $19.95 for half a day or something like that, certainly worth it.

Toad went dead, but it's back up again. Maria finally got here at 9:50, suffering sinus & weakness after a day on the Chesapeake yesterday. Trying to keep up with the BS Hedricks I suppose. Charming. Well, no xDSL today. Toad turned to Covad who is now turning to Bell. There's a short in some connection somewhere. We seem good here. Software is configured and Toad is on top of things. Hopefully sometime tomorrow we'll have 1.1 mps service but I ain't counting chickens. Just got this from Glenn Dagliesh:

My plan is if you want to keep that ISDN as backup I can talk with you about the different possiblities. If not once the Covad circuit is live we will just move the .190 address to the flowpoints, ethernet and all should work seamlessly.

There is an open ticket for the Bell-Covad issue and I expect to hear from them shortly.

Date: Wednesday, May 05, 1999 11:24 AM

Chris Titus is loafing as usual, but he's here in bits & pieces. He found a nest of rats, killed one baby underneath those gangly bushes. We're taking them down to chest level, after he whacked the rose bush before I pointed out my wish to keep it up. He says it may take 3 years or more for the bushes to come back. Hope we have the patience to wait that long, but meanwhile, we've got a front yard! A real front yard. Full of dirt right now but ready for something fancy. I'm glad we've opened it up although we will probably miss the bushy greens in the short term.

Please seek out Erika Fischer sometime before she leaves today in case I am out when she calls and she doesn't think to email me the results of her budget-finding tryst with Dave Stirpe this afternoon.

Still nothing from GSI. Love my baby though.

Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 11:24 AM

Hey Glenn. Back online? Seems to be. Thanks. Talked to the office. Know we are still waiting on the Bell-Covad meeting called in my honor.

Whoa. just zoomed into my browser. Toad's in, slower, but in. I talked to Dan yesterday. Told him I was concerned about the last IP address in my present string of 16 since the ISDN router is, and always has been at .190 and I am not completely clear how that effects my BIG PICTURE. You later said that you had to use the .190 in some upline, meaning towards Toad, slot in the config scheme on the xDSL line. So my question is: once the current xDSL snafu is cleared and the line supposedly goes "live" and is checked as "live" what does that do to my ISDN line? Snuff it? Cause problems with the xDSL on my end since I have each box on my LAN configured to route out through the .190 IP address? When my .190 is lost to your upstream xDSL config, but the actual FlowPOINT box sits at .184 isn't that the address I need to config in my LAN setups before I can surf & serve the new line? If it is, that of course is no problem, but I just need to know when is the best time to execute the change.

Got the official Toad Notice. That was cool, wet, and comforting, a nichewerk! Keep it up guys. I'm trying to hang. I really am, but it's been a long frustrating nine months trying to run my servers fulltime.

Since I am now up again, I presume, short of another snip or two in the TELCO world, that yadda yadda software glitch that caused the rather extended outage at the Toadpoint in early part of this week, I am back to normal, actually better than normal with the ISDN, well, uh, BECAUSE YOU SAY IT IS SO.


Gabriel Thy
Graphic Solutions Ink Systems

You've Got Mail From Ravi Of India

14 Mar


Ravi Of India


Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 21:06:46

Dear Gabriel,

Finally, I am glad that I got a reply to my endeavour. You are really honest. Good, I like such people. After all, what is a man going to get by hiding, except the title "HYPOCRITE". Although your tone was serious but I love to accept facts. I love to make friends afterall we have one life, ain't it?. I don't have friends out side India. So, I wanted one. And today I got one.

Regarding me, as I told you I am 22years old and the only child of my parents. My father works in a Government factory. I completed my Engineering last year and I am learning JAVA Programming Language now, as there is a huge demand for Software Engineers in India.I don't have access to Internet as you do.I get access to it twice or thrice a week, so my reply may be a little bit delayed. So, please be patient.

I am 5feet 8inches tall and weigh 56Kg.Let me tell you some of my Do's and Dont's.

1) Smocking
2) taking Alcohol
3) watching Movies.
4) tacking Drugs(Oh! it's a very big word to me)

I didn't have sex so far.I want to have it with my wife alone.Hey, don't be in a hurry, I don't have any proposals right now. Marriage after 3 years. Let me tell you one secret. I haven't touched a girl either, with a few exceptions, when I accidentally fell on them when the driver of the bus applied brakes suddenly.

Do you think I am bluffing or not honest? I don't know what you believe in, else I would have sweared by that. But I am telling you the truth. I hate Hypocrites. And I don't want to be such a one. Coming to my Do's
1) I believe in GOD very firmly.
2) I read mostly spiritual Books.
3) I like Cricket(as india is a bit good in Cricket)
4) making friends and adjusting myself to their nature.

I am a Hindu by birth. But, in the year 1993 November, I gave my heart to JESUS and my parents followed me soon. I love this complete man, son of GOD and the only Saviour. My family is the only one who accepted Christianity among my relatives. Although I don't believe in the word "Christianity" still CHRIST is my LORD. After all it's not religion which saves a sinner but CHRIST. I fell in love with HIM and I enjoy it every moment of my day. I read the Old Testament 4 times and the new nearly 10 times.

As the sunday descends, it's a festival to us. We go to the Church in the morning at 10 A.M and return back in the afternoon at 2P.M. We have a youth meeting in the evening for one hour.
You might call me religious. Yes, I am. After all we belong to HIM. Am I boring You? No....isn't it?.

Coming to my city, I live in Hyderabad which is having a population of 6 million. This is a big city, following Bombay,Calcatta,Delhi,Madras and Bangalore. Hyderabad is the capital city of the state Andhra Pradesh adjacent to Madras.

The big problem in India is the over population. As a result, very little value is given to the human life. Even if a man is murdered at a cross road on a busy day, nobody cares about the dead man. They just don't want to trouble themselves.

Corruption is another devil here.If you want to get some work done, you got to give a bribe (they call it inam (gift)). If you have money, that's it. You are a raja (king).

Even though India is a multicultural, multilinguistic still there are many loopholes inside. You know how badly the Britishers treated Indians, still we haven't learned the lessons. We today treat a fellow man as a Britisher does. Even though we got freedom from British rule still we are slaves to selfish motives of the heart.

In India it is hard to say that you are a christian. The society treats them as untouchables. Not just that, they threaten you to leave the faith and might even assault you. But you have to make a decision whether to please men or GOD. Even the Government takes back some of the facilities given to a hindu if he converts. We have religious freedom but at the same time some unseen troubles. I thank GOD that this is slowly changing.

In America you have very good Christians like Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and John Osteen. I consider this to be the reason why America is so prosperous.

I am really happy that you don't have cancer but, at the same time I am pricked in heart to know that you have to undergo a surgery. I assure you of my fervent prayers and wish that everything becomes fine very soon.

Can you send me an American poem on the love of GOD. Please don't say No. Please do write to me some tips, on web designing.

Is the President Bill Clinton safe from the clutches of Monica Levinsky? In India B.J.P is likely to form the government at the center with the help of nearly 10 parties. It may not be too long before we go for another Election.

Please send me Your postal address in the reply if you don't mind.

Your's in Love,

G.Ravi Kumar
[address withheld]

For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON that Who so ever believes in HIM shall not perish but have everlasting LIFE.(Roman 10:9). He, that said I know HIM and keep not HIS commands, is a liar and the truth is not in HIM.(1john2:4).
Sir Gabriel, do you know HIM personally? If not please accept HIM. For LORD said "Taste me and know that I am good". Please taste HIM.

Scripture Bleed

13 May


Twelve Is A Lonely Number


Date: Tue May 13, 1997 6:29:29 PM

The following 12 passages have been selected from the 66 books of the Torah, the Prophets, and the Christian scriptures to represent me in all my complacency and horror at how difficult this book has been for me. The facts are that this book at face value is not so difficult to understand, not so difficult to believe that it is the greatest book ever written, or that somehow—despite every vulgar criticism and apotheosis leveled against it—that it is not a self-witnessing canon suggestive of the Word of God, of Yahweh, of the Almighty Creator, who hand-picked the sons of Abraham in all of their literal and spiritual formations as a chosen people from among other chosen people, but it is difficult to accept for this reason alone: that I have a walk-on part in this grand play, however distant from center stage or the radius point I may appear to be at any given moment, such as this one in drafting the twelve most arresting passages I have to extol or fortify myself when hope seems worthless and every activity appears vain to my own litigious mind.

12) Job 13: 1-3
Mine eyes have observed all these things. I have heard and my ears understood. What you know, I know that myself. I am no more a fool than are you. Now I will address the Most High, and to God I will turn with my plea . . .

11) II Peter 1:19-21
And we possess in this prophetic message a firm support, to which you would do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a gloomy place, until the day dawns, and the Morning Star arises in your hearts; recognizing in the first place, that no prophecy of Scripture is of a single meaning. For prophecy was never a result of human design; on the contrary, men spoke under the influence of a Holy Spirit sent from God.

10) Revelations 9:1-11
Then the fifth angel sounded; and I saw a star fall from the sky onto the land, and the key of the pit of the abyss was given to him. And he opened the pit of the abyss and smoke ascended from the pit like smoke from a great furnace; and the sun and the atmosphere were darkened from the smoke of the pit. And from the smoke there came locusts upon the land, and they were endowed with power resembling the power possessed by the scorpions of the earth. But they were commanded not to injure the herbage of the earth, nor any grass, nor any tree, but only those men who have not the mark of God upon their foreheads. And it was granted to them not to kill them, but so that they should be tormented for five months. And their torture was like that of a scorpion when it stings a man. During those days men will seek death and not find it; they shall long to die, and death will fly from them! Then the locust took the appearance of calvary disciplined for war, and on their heads were crowns like gold, and their faces resembled those of men. But they had hair like the hair of women, and their teeth were like those of lions. They also wore breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the roar of chariots, and many horses charging in battle. They also have tails and stings like those of scorpions; and in their tails they possesses the power to torture mankind for five months. They had over them a king, the Angel of the Abyss. In Hebrew his name is Abaddon, and in Greek he has a name, Apollyon.

9) II Timothy 3:1-7
Know this, however, that in the last days there are impending terrible times. For men will be lovers of self, avaricious, empty, pretentious, libelous, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, senseless, without parental affections, implacable, calumniators, profligate, inhuman, without love of goodness, traitors, reckless, stupid, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God; having an appearance of religion but denying its power. But turn away from these. Of such are those who creep into families, and capture weak women laden with sins, agitated by various passions, always learning, but never able to arrive at the recognition of truth.

8) Jeremiah 15: 15-22
Everliving, You know! Remember and visit me, and avenge me upon my persecutors! Repel me not in Your anger! Support me! You know I am reproached on account of You. I found your words and devoured them, and your words were sweet and pleasant to my heart, for your NAME was fixed upon me--EVERLIVING GOD OF HOSTS! I have not sat in the company of the joyous; but felt pleasure at Your side. I sat solitary because You filled me with indignation. Why is my misery perpetual? And my wound incurable? Refusing to be healed? Why are You like failing, unstable waters? Then the Lord replied, "If you will return, then I will restore you to stand before Me. And if you sort out the worthless from the valuable, you shall be like My mouth; they will come to you and you need not go to them. I will also make for you a wall of brass as a defense against this People--they may fight against you--but they shall not overpower you, for I will be there to save and deliver you," said the EVERLIVING. "I will also deliver you from the hand of the wicked, and redeem you from the hand of the terrible."

8) Jeremiah 16: 16-18
"I will send many fishermen, " says the Everliving, "who will fish for them, and after them I will send many hunters, who will hunt them upon every hill, and upon every mount and cliff, and crag, for My eyes are all over their courses--they are not hidden from Me--and their faults are not concealed from My sight. But I will first repay their faults and their sins upon them double, because they have polluted My land with their filthy carcasses, and filled My inheritance with their abominations.

8) Jeremiah 17: 9-10, 23: 9-11
The heart is more false than all things, and who among men knows his own? I, the Lord, search the heart and try thoughts, and fix for each person his path . . .

My heart is broken in my breast for the Preachers—all my bones shake—I have become like a giant overcome by wine, before the EVERLASTING, and before His holy words! For the land is full of imposters—the land faints before this curse—the pastures of the plains fail, for their courses are bad, and their energies worthless! The Preacher and the Priest alike are profane.

7) Zachariah 13: 1-6
At that time a fountain will be opened for the House of David, and for the people of Jerusalem, for sin and uncleanness. And then says the LORD OF HOSTS, "I will destroy the names of their idols from the country, and they shall no longer be remembered; and I will remove their Preachers, and their foul spirit from the country. And then when a person preaches, his father and his mother who bore him will say, 'You shall not live. For you utter lies in the name of the EVERLIVING!' And his father, and the mother who bore him will stab him, when he attempts to preach! And at that time the Preachers will be ashamed, every one, of his visions when he preaches, and will not wear mantles of hair for the sake of deception, but will say, 'I am not a Prophet. I am a man who cultivates the ground. For I have been a working man from my youth!' And if he is asked, 'What are those tattooes then upon your hands? 'he will reply, 'I was marked with them in the house of my friend!"

6) Luke 15:1-7
And all the tax-farmers and the sinners were drawing near to listen to Him, but the Pharisees and professors were grumbling loudly, saying, "This fellow admits sinners, and eats with them." He accordingly addressed this parable to them: "What man among you, possessing a hundred sheep, and losing one of them, would not leave the ninety-nine in the pasture, and go in search of the lost one until he has found it? And having found it, he places it with delight upon his own shoulders, and arriving at home, he calls upon his friends and neighbors to share his joy, saying, "Rejoioce with me, for I have found my lost sheep!" In the same way I tell you there will be more gladness in heaven over a converted sinner than over ninety-nine righteous persons who have no need of conversion."

5) I John 4: 16-20
God is LOVE, and whoever continues in love, dwells in God, and God in him. His love with us will be perfected when we have free access in the Day of Judgment; because as He Himself is, we also shall be, in that world. There is no fear in love. But perfect love expels fear, because fear is torture; and whoever is in fear has not reached the perfection of love. We love, because He first loved us. If anyone says, "I love God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar; because whoever does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God Whom he has not seen.

4) Mark 13: 21-27
Then, if any one should say to you, 'Look, the Messiah is here!' or 'There he is!' believe it not, for false messiahs and false prophets shall make their appearance, and shall give out signs and great wonders, to lead astray, if it were possible, even the elect. But you, be on your guard, because I have foretold you all.

3) Revelation 2: 2-6
I know your position, your industry, and your patience, and that you cannot endure those who are wicked; that you have put to the test those who have called themselves apostles, and are not, and have found them false, and you have had patience and have suffered because of My Name, and have not failed. I have, however a charge against you—that you have forsaken your first love! Remember therefore, from where you have fallen, and repent, and practice your former works; failing which, and unless you alter your mind, I will come and remove your lampstand from its place. You have this to your account, however, that you hate the practices of the corrupters of the people, which I Myself also hate.

2) Revelation 11:1-13
Then he handed to me a reed like a measuring-rod, saying, "Rise up, and measure the sanctuary of God, and the altar, and those worshipping in it; but omit the outer court of the sanctuary, and measure it not because it has been given to the nations, and they shall frequent the holy city forty-two months. And I shall give to them My two witnesses, who shall preach for a period of one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth. They are the two olives trees, and the two lamps placed in the sight of the Lord of the earth. And if anyone attempts to injure them, fire issues from their mouth, and will consume their enemies, and if anyone should wish to injure them, thus he must be killed. These possess the power to close up the sky, so that no rain may fall during the period of their preaching; they also have power over the waters to convert them into blood, and to scourge the earth with every plague as often as they may desire. But when they have finished their evidence, the monster coming up from the abyss shall wage war with them, and conquer them, and slay them. And their corpses shall be exposed upon the market place of the great city, which spiritually is named Sodom and Egypt, where also their Master was crucified. Then all persons from the races, and tribes, and languages, and nations, shall gaze upon their dead bodies for three days and a half, refusing to allow their corpses to be entombed. And the inhabitants of the earth will also exult over them and make merry, and they will send presents to one another, because these two prophets irritated the dwellers upon the earth. But after three days and a half, a Spirit of Life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; then great horror fell upon those who watched them. They heard a loud voice from heaven calling to them, "Come up here!" So they ascended into the heaven into the cloud, and their enemies watched them. And at that very hour there was a mighty earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and seven thousand persons were killed in the earthquake; when the rest became terrified they gave glory to the God of heaven.

1) Revelation 21: 1-2
Afterwards I saw a new sky and a new earth, because the former sky and the former earth had passed away; and the sea existed no longer.


Hit The Road, Jack, Before You Ruin The Halftime Show Again

12 Feb


Girl In White


Susanne's a pretentious whiny whirly girly mess. Except when she's a curvy but slight, thin-shouldered sexy kitty crawler with plush red lips bouyant enough to float across the Atlantic, a whimpering adorable quick-eyed fashionista, edible, noisy, and nasty, but I tell you what—Jack Jack Jack, nimble nimble Jack, always finds a way to look really stupid and callous in the way he treats his relationships. But then again, this is me talking, and after 40 years of loving everybody with a howdy doo I now seem to find everybody a miserable waste of life force, especially those who rush in wearing the rank of friendship. Kerouac debatably wrote the first great modern friendship story. I must be writing the story of what a gross clusterfuck friendship can really turn out to be...

Sorry Jack didn't work out. He simply doesn't care beyond the next energy burst. He's always just an upbeat away from another potential friend, that easy touch. Having nothing and doing nothing seems to present him with that advantage. I think Jesus said something to that effect. But Jack rides the great dragon of lies. He tells an outrageous lie when a simple truth would get him closer to his mark than the fiction ever could, but, hey, that's Jack's security blanket it seems. Lie until it hurts, and then make up new ones. I've known him a decade now, and oh well...

Been working with Photoshop Actions batching routines today. WOW! What a wonderful feature. I can convert whole folders of say, a hundred TIFF grayscale graphics into JPGs, add a tint, resize, blur to smooth out edges, and save at a certain resolution, ALL BY FIRST HAVING PHOTOSHOP RECORD MY ACTIONS DURING ONE, and then executing for all the others. To watch one's computer open up files, add tints, resize, save into specified folder, close, and then open the next one is simply what power computing is all about!!! Then I simply grab that folder, and drop it onto a namechanging shareware program I recently picked up and it will standardize all the filenames—operations that I used to spend hours, days, even weeks hardclicking now accomplished in minutes. Sweet Macintosh!


The January Benchmark

19 Jan

Powerful Persuasion

Powerful Persuasion


Sun, 19 Jan 1997 01:20:28

I must say you site is one of the more interesting that I have encountered on my somewhat short trip on the WWW. I'd like to cast one point of view into the fray if I may...

It is simply this. Atrocities have been committed throughout history in the name of almost every philosophy, religion, political agenda that one may acknowledge. Pol Pot is said to be responsible for 6 million torture-deaths in Cambodia-Campochia alone, all in the name of trying to save his country by destroying intellect and family. Stalin, Mao, The Spanish Inquisition, Columbus, Lincoln, Lee, et cetera were ALL responsible for ordering or performing atrocities, murders, et cetera in the name of a cause.

On the other hand, Jesus of Nazareth has never been linked historically with anything other that the actions of a peace maker (casting the money changers from the temple excluded). The only time he showed anger was when he was arguing against the very things that you argue against on you web page—oppression, hurt, ill will toward mankind. Those who followed in his name have their own histories to atone, but you can't hang their sins on the Nazarene, except in terms of projection, of religion.

My point is just this: humanity is by nature imperfect and subject to a wide variety and degree of existential imperfection and imperfectability—some quite devastating and horrible. Just because humanity can create a horror in the name of something does not mean that the something is neccessarily bad—just the man.

Let's just call this my January benchmark,


"There is pain in changing and pain in staying the same. Choose the one that moves you ahead..."


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""