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Albeit The Data Was Jersey Cold

07 Feb


Space Move­ments


Date: Wed Feb 7, 1996 8:07:31 PM America/New_York

Space, well I blew into your account, and prob­a­bly left a mess of mouse­drop­pings all over the place. On the upside, I only spent 5–8 min­utes in the CORE there­fore bill­able areas. The remain­der of the time I browsed through the 14,400 kps & Mac­in­tosh 3.1 soft­ware nodes, but let me give you a run­down on what I did & why.

First I stole into the BBM, found it dor­mant as relat­ing to the 1996 sea­son. From there I peeked into your mail­box where I found the note I sent ear­li­er in the day after my own ser­vice provider’s E‑mail sys­tem had been down for over 36 hours. The note is some­what dat­ed because I went ahead and plunged into your pool, test­ing the waters, and dis­cov­ered that s‑t-u-p-i‑d does not work with your sec­ondary account num­bers. But that was no prob­lem. It’s just the E‑mail (i.e. CCGS84C, or what­ev­er) address that we need to try and reestab­lish a web site with GeoC­i­ties. If I go ahead and try to home­stead anoth­er GeoC­i­ties sports site for our mutu­al fun, and there’s no code break­down like the last time, then all you’ll have to do is check your aux­il­iary mail­box (C, I reck­on, since I recall you used C for your AL BBM per­sona a cou­ple of years ago) and retrieve the GeoC­i­ties pass­word they will pro­vide so that I can access the site I estab­lish.

That said, I then began to plun­der. Caught in a flaw and a flipflop of Prodi­gy soft­ware I found myself locked into a scheme where I was forced to choose a local 14,400 bps access num­ber. I had intend­ed only to research the num­bers, write them down for future ref­er­ence (which I did) and exit. but on this par­tic­u­lar screen I could not exit with­out leav­ing what I’ll embar­rass­ing­ly call mouse drop­pings. Actu­al­ly I sus­pect that you won’t be affect­ed by this maneu­ver of mine since Prodi­gy wrote over its pref files on my hard­drive. In fact I think I have done this before, and it just has­n’t worked prop­er­ly. When I dial up, the screen says I am con­nect­ing at 14,400 but by the time I am ful­ly con­nect­ed, a mes­sage pops up say­ing I am logged in at 2400, and shucks ain’t there a world of dif­fer­ence in those two speeds!

After I escaped that crises, I ven­tured over into anoth­er free zone hawk­ing the new Mac­in­tosh soft­ware v3.1. Now that I’ve left the scene of the crime I think I am indeed already run­ning that ver­sion on my machine, but Prodi­gy being as lame as it is, left no records of its ver­sion num­ber on its soft­ware as is tra­di­tion­al in the Mac envi­ron­ment. so I’m not able to ver­i­fy yea or nay. So the saga con­tin­ues as I choose rather than tak­ing nine­ty min­utes to down­load the code at the slug­gish 2400 baud rate I would sim­ply have them mail it to me. When I clicked that but­ton I was con­front­ed with the stan­dard Prodi­gy order form which of course had your per­son­al infor­ma­tion already filled in, albeit the data was Jer­sey cold.

So I hacked myself and my vitals over your own, and pron­to, I should receive in 2–3 weeks some dead soft­ware I am prob­a­bly already run­ning. Sor­ry I’ve greet­ed your gen­eros­i­ty with all this tech­nob­a­b­ble. You should come out unblem­ished, but I just want­ed to put these events on record just in case you step into quick­sand the next time you try to log-on.



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