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Two Forks In The Road

14 Jan


Bal­lad of the Fork & Spoon” by G.Thy


Gabriel, hope that I answer the ques­tions you had in mind—but the Europe trip report will have to wait—today anoth­er rush to leave by noon for Jax to catch a flight to Mia­mi. Of course to see KK but she won’t be home tonight, so we will go on to Ft. Laud­erdale to see a boat David put a con­tract on yesterday—sight unseen. Then we will stay with Karen and Gary on Fri­day and maybe Sat nights.

Chip’s boat that was Gary and Karen’s sold that first week for $25,000. So sor­ry that I did not get back with that infor­ma­tion. Don’t wor­ry, David will have oth­er boats in and out and I’m sure one will most like­ly be just right for you. What price range do you have in mind?

You are right about your Grand­dad­dy and steaks. One of my favorite mem­o­ries is hav­ing steak and eggs for break­fast (any steak left over usu­al­ly from Fri or Sat night splurge at the gro­cery store on pay­day). Odd­ly enough, I am remind­ed of this every time I have trav­eled to Europe, main­ly because steak and eggs are a reg­u­lar break­fast in most of the places we go, and peo­ple in Europe hold their fork and knife in the famil­iar way that Dad­dy ate—fork in the left hand, nev­er putting the knife down from the right. In fact I will tell you about a gift I had put aside to give you in Sep­tem­ber, but the time was nev­er just right for the occa­sion.  The night you came to din­ner was my plan but some­how when Tina did not return to the table, it threw me off track.  It is one of two forks Dad­dy ALWAYS ate with, we had five small­er forks, one for each girls and Mama and two din­ner size forks that we DAD­DY’s only.  I gave Karen one last sum­mer and always planned to give the oth­er to you at some spe­cial moment (the way we are trav­el­ing, I should not wait for the “right” time, although Karen has been aware that the match­ing fork to hers is for you and would see that you get it).  I’m also giv­ing you the extra place for Sue to use as Maa­Maa’s fork.

I hope you’ll be pleased—after all it is only befit­ting that a man once named Spald­ing should have it (Karen’s mid­dle name is Kenan). I love you dear nephew and hope you know you were the “apple of your Grand­dad­dy’s eye ” too, not to leave out that you cer­tain­ly were the dar­ling of Maa­Maa! There were nev­er any spoons or knives to “match” these forks by the way, just odd pieces that were always there ever since I can remem­ber. Mardis may have giv­en them to Mama and Dad­dy. One thing Evey was always known for is been gen­er­ous with strings attached!  Well I do request one small favor—that one day you or Sue see to it that Dad­dy’s big fork along with the token of Mama get to anoth­er of the clan with one of his names, named for him.  Thanks, and for­give me for ask­ing because I think that you and Sue would do that any­way­Much love to you, David is here now so I must leave with this unfin­ished let­ter.

Lau­rie’s book, I can’t wait! I tried to buy a paint­ing of John’s through Peg­gy, told her I’d spend $300-$500 sight unseen at his or her choice but I nev­er got any­thing or even a response from your broth­er John.

Love to you my sweet,


Thurs. Jan­u­ary 14, 1999


"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""