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The Ypsilanti Rag

15 Mar


Bob Black


The sad fact that near­ly every­one in this pool of bot­tom-feed­ing sharks is out to make a mark of some­body else, a tro­phy guar­an­teed to grab him some still bleed­ing slice of what we now deri­sive­ly call blood fame con­tin­ues to baf­fle us all who are in the busi­ness of pulling back the cur­tain to not only see what is real, but to name the ene­my among us, so as to bring him safe­ly ashore, not to erect our own per­son­al mon­u­ment to bit­ter­ness, acri­mo­ny and vile pas­sions. Mon­ey and pres­tige seem to dimin­ish next to this new sport where the very act of attack­ing oth­ers is much more sat­is­fy­ing that any mon­ey or pres­tige that comes of such an attack. I real­ize that among these types “artis­tic descrip­tion” and “ad hominem attack” will be con­fused and the entire top­ic ridiculed by the same sharks who indulge in the lat­ter as if earn­ing him­self anoth­er blaze of bars to flag his iden­ti­ty cri­sis. Inca­pable of any artistry, this sort of writer does what he does best, crit­i­cizes or ridicules oth­ers with­out resort to facts or context—merely to boost his own dis­tort­ed sense of hon­or, humor, and hubris. This is not Oedi­pus. There is no killing the father here, no whis­per­ing about the emper­or’s naked­ness, just self-delud­ing vul­gar­i­ty deliv­ered cold.

…curi­ouser and curi­ouser. Stew­art Home and Bob Black have, if I recall cor­rect­ly, a big fight going over some com­ments of Home­’s to the effect that Debor­d’s intro. to a Pol­ish (?) edn. of SoS smacked of fas­cism, backed up (rather dubi­ous­ly) by the ‘fact’ that Debord was cit­ed as a hero by a Russ­ian right-winger… All this was report­ed a year or so ago on the Jef­fer­son Vil­lage avant-garde list.

That’s Bill Brown (NOT BORED!), not Bob Black. And here’s the text of Stew­art Home­’s “Open Let­ter” reply…which will soon be post­ed at the SI Archives. —Spud

Thanks Spud for the Bill Brown clar­i­fi­ca­tion. But there is indeed a Bob Black, who’s most recent claim to infamy was rat­ting out Jim Hogshire after the lat­ter alledged­ly pulled a shot­gun on Black after a heat­ed argu­ment in Hogshire’s Seat­tle apart­ment. Hogshire had out­stand­ing drug-man­u­fac­tur­ing war­rants on him, so he land­ed in jail, if only tem­porar­i­ly, while he did lose his rela­tion­ship with his pub­lish­er in the deal. Of course the events have been rabid­ly dis­cussed on the rad­i­cal gos­sip cir­cuit for months, all with the typ­i­cal frol­ic through clar­i­fi­ca­tion and reclar­i­fi­ca­tion of facts, rebut­tals and retrac­tions, mon­keyshines and name­call­ing. My source was again Brack­en via a copy of an ugly lit­tle newsprint rag out of Ypsi­lan­ti called POPULAR REALITY. True to the cliquish nature of hero wor­ship and friends on the give and take, and despite a line in one of Brack­en’s situ nov­els which reads, “We hear of poets snitch­ing to the cops and call­ing them­selves prophets…” Len still talks in high admi­ra­tion of this Black fel­low, whom I have nev­er met, while Hogshire is aired with rel­a­tive indif­fer­ence, whom I also have nev­er met, and is only a name in a sto­ry I once read in an ugly rag.

»what have we learned these past few days? me, i have basi­cal­ly decid­ed that
»sit­u­a­tion­ism can not be revived.

Well, Tim, I learned a few details about cer­tains books that may inter­est me sim­ply because I am a bleed­ing bib­lio­phil­i­ac with a pen­chant for use­less and point­less knowl­edge. I too have had con­firmed what I’ve known all along and that is “rev­o­lu­tion, who needs it?” is about as close to a cult slo­gan as I would ever want to shout in a crowd­ed street, or out a mov­ing vehi­cle (anoth­er Brack­en antic) and because of all the spare change I can pock­et on the issue of rev­o­lu­tion for its own sake I still agree with Sam’s sig­na­ture quote. To para­phrase: a good mind is a ter­ri­ble thing to waste in a crowd, and I might add, espe­cial­ly a crowd of hard­lin­ers who betray the very peace, love, and under­stand­ing they would rant at strangers and loved ones alike, by their actions. I’m liv­ing proof of that. Despite my best inten­tions I become a com­plete ass­hole in a crowd…

Look at it this way: rev­o­lu­tion is not a plan, it’s a spon­ta­neous com­bus­tion.



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""