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Petition Melanie Straight Into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

03 Aug


Melanie’s Stone­ground Words


Does any­body remem­ber flower child singer-song­writer Melanie Saf­ka? Well, she’s ail­ing, and what’s more she cer­tain­ly reserves the recog­ni­tion of being vot­ed into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleve­land.

Of course, I was nev­er a flower child, a bit too young for that, so I became it’s oppo­site, a punk ruf­fi­an with a heart of mush, but I loved Melanie. I mean, I loved her! Bought her vinyl albums, her 8‑tracks tapes, lis­tened to her in a con­tin­u­ous loop while paint­ing my grand­moth­er’s house, while rolling down the high­way in my slam­ming ’76 Camaro, and before that, while creep­ing down the high­way dur­ing a mas­sive fif­teen inch snow­storm at two o’clock in the morn­ing from Hobart to Val­paraiso, Indi­ana, in my rust­ed and still rust­ing ’67 Pon­ti­ac Bon­neville, a yacht, not mere­ly a boat of a car, so often that cer­tain songs always dredge up their sem­i­nal, vis­cer­al mem­o­ries in a time trav­el only us who have lived and lived hearti­ly past the age of thir­ty can appre­ci­ate.

And yes, she is thor­ough­ly rep­re­sent­ed on the Radio Sce­newash 24/7 mix; amidst all the harsh sounds of today, there is Melanie belt­ing out her anthems in the midst of cre­sendo and chaos, edg­ing all of us towards the soft­er side of the cold shoul­der life often reveals. An icon of the times, Melanie epit­o­mized the flower child per­sona sit­ting squat han­dling her acoustic gui­tar and mes­mer­iz­ing the crowd with her riv­et­ing, sweet, iron­ic, tex­tured, and often sil­ly, lyrics and vocals. She is known pro­fes­sion­al­ly only as Melanie. Fit­ting­ly, she per­formed at the first Earth Day way back in 1980 held in Jack­sonville, FL.

          I Am Not A Poet (Night Song) by Melanie Safka I am not a poet, living is the poem I am not a singer, I am in the song And I've got a story that I cannot write down And I'm with you but I'll always be alone I may not be right, but I don't think I am wrong Every note's an answer, every word's a sign Every man's a dancer, following his own time I've found a tearful language that translates what I am And I cried out loud, but they didn't understand I cried so hard I may never try again I may never try, I may never try again Cleansing in the water, heal me in the light Mend you ageless daughter, I've been awake all night 'Cause if your sands are shifting, I'll need to know what I forgot I don't want much, but I need an awful lot I've found a tearful language that translates what I am And I cried out loud, but you didn't understand I cried so hard I may never try again I may never try, I may never die again I may never cry again I may never try again I may never die again

As ANC 6B chair in 1991, I per­son­al­ly tried to bring her to DC back in the ear­ly 1990s for the Earth Day cel­e­bra­tion here, but after track­ing her through her agency, and get­ting ini­tial encour­age­ment from the DC gov­ern­ment, I soon ran into the hard wall of agen­da pol­i­tics, and its prac­ti­tion­ers, so I final­ly gave up as time ran out to call on a star.

But, here I am today, after hear­ing of this peti­tion, beseech­ing those of you who know and appre­ci­ate this charm­ing artist’s work, as well as those who might wish to check her out at:

  • Melanie on
  • Melanie’s Music
  • to also sign this peti­tion:

    to help bring prop­er notice to this very wor­thy artist.

    Long live rock and roll,

    Gabriel Thy
    aka Fatz Bull­win­kle
    Radio Sce­newash

    S A M P L E X

    "Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""