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Berman & Garfinkel, Attorneys At Law

22 Aug

Every Slot's Been Filled

Every Slot's Been Filled


Originally published on Aug 22, 1997

Not since that night, yes, THAT night. I did get a follow-up note from Garfinkel a month or so back, and as usual attached at the end of the note was that sending work my way, recommend you to anybody chachacha that came at the end of EVERY SINGLE NOTE of about seven or eight I got from the two of them plus of course the three or four mouth to ear versions being much of the same.

In September I will make my move to shake them up after giving them the benefit of the doubt of a long lazy hot summer. They've not even finished up their site in the "other services" and "testimonials" department. I heard rumors of patent lawyers coming aboard. No movement there either. No other projects, not even a whisper, except when I put some new badge or widget on their page, and write to explain. Then come the thanks and golly geez, you are swell Gabriel and the obligatory carrot at the end, but nothing else. I still handle all their mail, forwarding probably a half dozen pieces a week. But only one person even indicated he fit the bill, had invented something, paid for and was ripped off by crooked marketers, and was wondering what to do next. He, however, suspected that this IAG outfit was pretty much of the same. Everybody else has some grandiose opinion of themselves, saying silly things like they've always had a knack for good ideas and could IAG please help them figure out how to "sell" an invention, or more to the point, an idea.

No inventions had yet made it onto the drawing board, much less off it. I pass all the letters along, but I know nothing's come of it. I figure I should spark their interest in further work on the site, at cost to them, or I should just turn the site over to them. Although I do see their site as somewhat of an orphan child I will no doubt take an interest in seeing through its slow days, I don't see handling this thing unto perpetuity without any compensation. That $175 they spent on me is long gone. What a bust!

You should have sent that to Berman. One good spammer deserves another, don't you reckon?



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