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03 May


Birdcage Premises


Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 12:41:42
From: Jane

Well, here I am. I guess you deserve to know a little about your "match". In another week I'll be a college graduate (BFA in creative writing); I'm finishing up my studies at Cambridge University in England before returning to the States. By many standards I would be considered a writer or poet, but I know many people who go by the same label, and I don't see any similarities. So for what that is worth...

I did go to the scenewash webpage; because it is still under construction, I hesitate to proffer my initial opinion on it. I tend to be more conservative when it comes to "literary" activities, and the longer I am around, the more I am convinced that being a "writer" is simply a license to broadcast unorganized, confusing garble to everyone, without the slightest regard to coherency. So you can imagine my views on scenewash, and I suppose I just gave my initial opinion despite the reserve. Perhaps it is the DC area that I cannot appreciate; it seems as if there are many draws on that culture in the website which are lost on me. In any case, good luck, but I don't think you'll need it. Most people will love what you've done (are doing). All the best—Jane

Dear Jane, thank you for your feedback. Loved it! Fits right into what most of my detractors tell me, and these detractors are all fellow writers, and local friends, although one might question whether or not the word friendship should be applied to what it is we hang on the hooks of each other's reputation. I would suppose you might have studied Joyce, Pound, and Eliot. Had you lived in their day, in terms of writing standards, you might have said the same about them. And no, I am not comparing myself to those three writers, but use them merely to highlight the principle of shifting waters. This is no place to argue literary theory in a post-modernist setting, especially since my website to date boasts very little of my writing, and is mostly infrastructure for what I wish to develop over time in terms of my own life and where I intend to locate those terms once I write them and organize them, and cross-link throughout. So I certainly do not take offense at what you may or may not know about my writing, but realize that it is the website itself which leaves you dry in the mouth. You probably believe that a website should be carefully manicured to a single topic. That's not my way. That I choose to manifest myself as a whole number, as an entity, and not a topical magazine writer I feel is the source of your confusion. All in all, Jane, I am delighted that the computer at TestTube picked you as my match.



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