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About As Real As Jesus On The Mule

07 May




10:30 AM 4/29/99, Sue Hedrick wrote:
Think this is real?

About as real as Jesus on the mule. Tim called this morn­ing to thank us for yes­ter­day’s invi­ta­tion, but he was out and did­n’t get back until late. Said he will no doubt see us this week­end as he’s on tap to help Peter out the door. Sat­ur­day, he said. Look­ing for­ward to ren­o­vat­ing the room for Moth­er. If the new fur­ni­ture, both tiers of it, will be ready for pick­up by Sat­ur­day, which is May 1, then I will go ahead and rent some­thing. The phone­line at the Bladens­burg U‑Haul out­let has been busy for the past fif­teen min­utes, but we can get a small truck for $19.95 for half a day or some­thing like that, cer­tain­ly worth it.

Toad went dead, but it’s back up again. Maria final­ly got here at 9:50, suf­fer­ing sinus & weak­ness after a day on the Chesa­peake yes­ter­day. Try­ing to keep up with the BS Hedricks I sup­pose. Charm­ing. Well, no xDSL today. Toad turned to Cov­ad who is now turn­ing to Bell. There’s a short in some con­nec­tion some­where. We seem good here. Soft­ware is con­fig­ured and Toad is on top of things. Hope­ful­ly some­time tomor­row we’ll have 1.1 mps ser­vice but I ain’t count­ing chick­ens. Just got this from Glenn Dagliesh:

My plan is if you want to keep that ISDN as back­up I can talk with you about the dif­fer­ent pos­si­b­li­ties. If not once the Cov­ad cir­cuit is live we will just move the .190 address to the flow­points, eth­er­net and all should work seam­less­ly.

There is an open tick­et for the Bell-Cov­ad issue and I expect to hear from them short­ly.

Date: Wednes­day, May 05, 1999 11:24 AM

Chris Titus is loaf­ing as usu­al, but he’s here in bits & pieces. He found a nest of rats, killed one baby under­neath those gan­g­ly bush­es. We’re tak­ing them down to chest lev­el, after he whacked the rose bush before I point­ed out my wish to keep it up. He says it may take 3 years or more for the bush­es to come back. Hope we have the patience to wait that long, but mean­while, we’ve got a front yard! A real front yard. Full of dirt right now but ready for some­thing fan­cy. I’m glad we’ve opened it up although we will prob­a­bly miss the bushy greens in the short term.

Please seek out Eri­ka Fis­ch­er some­time before she leaves today in case I am out when she calls and she does­n’t think to email me the results of her bud­get-find­ing tryst with Dave Stirpe this after­noon.

Still noth­ing from GSI. Love my baby though.

Date: Fri­day, May 07, 1999 11:24 AM

Hey Glenn. Back online? Seems to be. Thanks. Talked to the office. Know we are still wait­ing on the Bell-Cov­ad meet­ing called in my hon­or.

Whoa. just zoomed into my brows­er. Toad­’s in, slow­er, but in. I talked to Dan yes­ter­day. Told him I was con­cerned about the last IP address in my present string of 16 since the ISDN router is, and always has been at .190 and I am not com­plete­ly clear how that effects my BIG PICTURE. You lat­er said that you had to use the .190 in some upline, mean­ing towards Toad, slot in the con­fig scheme on the xDSL line. So my ques­tion is: once the cur­rent xDSL sna­fu is cleared and the line sup­pos­ed­ly goes “live” and is checked as “live” what does that do to my ISDN line? Snuff it? Cause prob­lems with the xDSL on my end since I have each box on my LAN con­fig­ured to route out through the .190 IP address? When my .190 is lost to your upstream xDSL con­fig, but the actu­al Flow­POINT box sits at .184 isn’t that the address I need to con­fig in my LAN setups before I can surf & serve the new line? If it is, that of course is no prob­lem, but I just need to know when is the best time to exe­cute the change.

Got the offi­cial Toad Notice. That was cool, wet, and com­fort­ing, a nichew­erk! Keep it up guys. I’m try­ing to hang. I real­ly am, but it’s been a long frus­trat­ing nine months try­ing to run my servers full­time.

Since I am now up again, I pre­sume, short of anoth­er snip or two in the TELCO world, that yad­da yad­da soft­ware glitch that caused the rather extend­ed out­age at the Toad­point in ear­ly part of this week, I am back to nor­mal, actu­al­ly bet­ter than nor­mal with the ISDN, well, uh, BECAUSE YOU SAY IT IS SO.


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