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Rosemary Put Us Into IMF Flick After Watching Me Pump Gas

03 Oct

Stage Door Company

Stage Door Company


Date: Tue Oct 3, 2000 2:20:45 PM

Administrative Contact:
Rosemary Rizzetto
Lusby, MD 20657

Hi Rose—apologies for taking so long to get back to you. My kitchen construction woes continue to defy any hint of honesty & integrity on the part of Joel Truitt Builders, Inc. After even more promises from him yesterday, things still sit where they were a week ago, no show after no show.

But let's talk about your online presence. Above are three agencies (plus the one you mentioned) I found which resemble what I believe you are seeking. The IAM site by far is the most comprehensive and expensive design.

Go to my commercial site and click on the WEB DESIGN & HOSTING link. From there you will find my pricing schedule. Your site should be simple enough to construct, but with seventy models, that presumes a lot of coding, even if most of the original graphics work for the banner logo and navigational links were replicated sitewide. And any fancy programming code such as search capabilities and shopping cart features must adhere to the OS of the server itself. I work solely from a Macintosh prospective. I did check out your domain name registration: everything seems kosher there. There is nothing at your site, but of course you knew that already. Since I am unfamiliar with the add-on protocols at your current host, there would be a slight learning curve. But frankly, I prefer to design and host sites from my own Macintosh servers, and can offer certain add-ons not available in the short list of your present host company features.

But with all this kitchen construction malfeasance in my life right now, I am focused in trying to hurdle bureaucratic red tape so that I can fire the contractor and thus reorganize. So it is perhaps not even a good idea that I take on your job at this point. Meanwhile...

At minimum, I cannot build you a fully functional site for less than $1000 (while I usually quote between $2K-4K or $100 per page for a better looking basic site; time and skills), even if I were to throw in a year of free hosting, which I would. However, if you just want something simple to get you started so that you actually have something people can see right now, a preliminary homepage with company logo and contact info, I can do that for you for a lot less once I have access to a server.

Hopefully, you have already retrieved your webspace USER ID and PASSWORD info from the young girl you originally slated for the job. Also: if you do decide to move to my servers, you or she would need to transfer the domain name over from Internet Planners to Graphic Solutions Ink Systems via Network Solutions (the domain name registration company). I would provide my own domain name server addresses to you for that transfer. It's actually a rather complicated & convoluted dance designed to keep fraud and theft of domain names down to a minimum, but I've done it several times for troubled clients just like yourself.

If you are still interested, please feel free to contact me so that we can further discuss any particulars about the site or the film. Thanks for discovering me at the gas pump. Can't get any more cinematically authentic than that....

Best regards,

Gabriel Thy

Philadelphia Breadcrumbs

16 Oct


"Philadelphia Sisters" by Gabriel Thy


Originally published on October 16, 1997

Steve, search AltaVista with the keyword SCENEWASH. Man a monopoly, but it shouldn't last forever. I don't recall ever signing SWORG with AltaVista or any search engines for that matter, since I had no active content there, but oooowwwweeee, what a presence!

How are you "set" for a fall classic in the City of Brotherly Glove in the last weekend AFTER Halloween with two or more proles from the City of Neverending Elections? Depends on how things shape up around here with bookcases and client bases, but we might be settled enough by then to take a slow drive to the north country. Some ten dollars in tolls is enough to make this a rare visit, as I'm sure you're aware, but of course as a native son of Philadelphia you are bound by cleverness to find a way around the tolls given enough time to wander the backroads. I haven't discussed this with the Bug, but surely we'll jump at the chance to eat in a unfamiliar restaurant where all the snappy waitresses fire off salty checkerboarded accents and the center of attention melts in the center of town, not in our hands.

Meanwhile I'm still frying in the pan as I hit pocket after pocket of web cramp and creativity null in my struggle to reinstate my SCENEWASH infrastructure, formerly of iMote (where that picture of us on the Perquacky Deck resides somewhere in the Literary Chip stack, oh yes, the Misguided Tour of the Literary Chip, don't ask me again, use your bookmarks silly, if'n you can't find your way back through the breadcrumbs of your mind).


Postscript: The Misguided Tour never really got off the ground, tethered as it was to hard work in a busy, infrastructure laying era where failed cooperation was hardly a minor bump or soft shoulder in the road but was a major pothole which grounded smart aleck motorcycle kings faster than the DC Department of Public Works on a sudden 20" snow day. Building this monstrosity of self-indulegence, whether it has any passing artistic value or not, has taken time, but in the end I can attest to its worth to me is immeasurable. Others have moved on with their lives, but here sits I, Gabriel, doing what I said I wanted to do, for better, for worse, these are the days of my lives...dated 10/25/13.

No Other Turf Grab Surges In The Name Of Friendship

01 Dec


Cyberbaut Thwarted


Date: Fri Dec 1, 1995 9:17:23 AM America/New_York

To all friends whom I rousted out of their slumber with grand offers of a free webpage secured by YOURS TRULY, uh, uhm, I don't know what to say. Here it is, early AM, nearly 12 hours after I posted my requests, and received verification (all except for final verification which will come to YOUR E-mail account, which by the way, for those of you who were to depend on me to html author OUR MUTUAL page, can forward me with a click), there are whacky results. Two of the five sites I claimed yesterday have been "homesteaded" by other microgeeks (Don't ask me which ones they are. I was too steamed and forgot to write them down). The other three have not changed in status. When a claim is made, the icons change from a "darkened house vacancy" icon to a "bright key" icon in addition to the member name and directory updates. Perhaps Geopages is just being slow. Empirical past evidence shows this can sometimes be the case. However, this does not explain the two addresses which have been given unto others. And THIS is not supposed to happen, since Geopages fires up its search engines to scan & report on duplications in any and all of the original fields, and finding duplicity, will request that you make another choice in the incriminating field. Maybe it's just an IP detection bust, which would indicate that my land grab is frowned upon by the Geo.

At this time I plan no other turf grab surges in the name of friendship. For those of you who know your way around the cyberblock. Now that I've alerted you to the process I would expect you to followup on your own if you are indeed interested. I of course will continue to monitor the status of these accounts, but yesterday's initial rush of excitement has turned sour in my mouth. However, please forward any possible correspondence Geopages may emit. Sorry for the confusion. My previous five stakes were charted flawlessly.


Madness, Dynasties, Chicken Soup, And The Underdog Factor

30 Jan


Circus of Extremes


Date: Mon Jan 30, 1995 5:27:49 PM America/New_York

Well Space, what's this I hear on the tube about that strange Seattle weather? This has been some wicked winter from the earliest going. Done that ski thing yet? Never had the urge myself, water or snow, although I grew up on the coast and had cousins who were what one might call river athletes, and since I've been in Washington I've declined several invitations to join a group of friends on the slopes. Guess my sense of physical adventure is not very striking if it doesn't include a ball and scorekeeping. Sorry the Steelers couldn't pull it out. In fact, I ended up watching the only first half which was thirty game minutes longer than I'd planned, but as soon as the halftime festivities rolled in, I rolled off the sofa and headed back to my work. Without a strong allegiance to either squad I discovered myself silently pulling for Pittsburgh, the underdog factor I suppose, although as a once vocal now dormant NY Yankee, Notre Dame, Green Bay Packer football, and U of Kentucky basketball fan since childhood as I gnawed my way into sports knowledge with a definitive yearning for my own place among a dynasty's giants, I am just as more apt to dismiss an upstart team in favor of the "best" team as not. But Dallas is now Steinbrennerian, football following the lead of baseball, and sports allegiances as I knew it and loved it is a thing of the past. But you know, Adolph Rupp recruited year after year with powers other schools could not hope to match. There has never been a level playing field. But as fans, while we worship the past, we fear changes lest we lose our own identification with a patch of life which indeed was NEVER stagnant or just the way we would like to remember it.

But this is old song and dance for us. We've nearly exhausted the subject, although I would certainly like to publish some our our correspondence on our WWW site if we can ever get that GeoCities sysop to respond because like I said before there is no way to reapply with your current E-mail address because we are already seeded a spot, and the computer kicks out any reapplication when using CCGS84a....Hey, just had a brainstorm! You've got secondary alpha suffixes, 84B,C,D,E available to you, right? We could probably try one of those and succeed. There is no valid explanation why the original homesteading failed. Their computer just registered some code improperly, discharging what can only be considered an anomaly, locking us into an address on the frontside, but also locking us out because their computer failed to issue you a password because it jumbled your E-mail address on the backside of the procedure. It's worth a shot. I'll await your word.

Still sick with this infection now ten days old. It's not a cold, it's not flu, but some sort of viral infection in my throat. Need antibiotics but don't want to waste time two-stepping with some inept HMO doctor. I went for a full physical two months ago and was astonished that the doc gave me a clean bill of health. I definitely suffer from anxiety tensions and food-related chest & neck/head pains. He suggested they were symptoms of my MADNESS. This was my first visit to this man since I only go to the doctor about once every five years, and our insurance plans change three times that often. I was very detailed in my family and personal health histories, and from all this he assessed that I was tainted with madness! Not that he was far wrong, but he was a general practitioner, an old hispanic man with a crippled left leg, and after chatting with me thirty minutes on a very positive and articulate day for me, he renders my chest pains and neck pains real but irrelevant because they are merely extenuating circumstance derived from my mental anxieties. Yes but why after every meal do I get a rush of pains in the back of my neck? Anyway, to cut to the bottom line, I feel that physicians, in this country at least, in their we-are-the-healers-arrogance despise and dismiss patients who genuinely and without coy sheepishness try to discuss intelligently the mysteries of one's own health, and with my outward appearance and my penchant for avoiding doctors in general (thus no routine billing for them), they are prone to pat me on the shoulder and send me out the door with nothing more than a word to exercise, I'm still young, et cetera et cetera. I could go on about this but the Prodigy mailreader might not, so until later.



"Ignorance and virtue suck on the same straw. Souls grow on bones, but die beneath bankers' hours.""