No Other Turf Grab Surges In The Name Of Friendship

01 Dec


Cyberbaut Thwarted


Date: Fri Dec 1, 1995 9:17:23 AM America/New_York

To all friends whom I rousted out of their slumber with grand offers of a free webpage secured by YOURS TRULY, uh, uhm, I don't know what to say. Here it is, early AM, nearly 12 hours after I posted my requests, and received verification (all except for final verification which will come to YOUR E-mail account, which by the way, for those of you who were to depend on me to html author OUR MUTUAL page, can forward me with a click), there are whacky results. Two of the five sites I claimed yesterday have been "homesteaded" by other microgeeks (Don't ask me which ones they are. I was too steamed and forgot to write them down). The other three have not changed in status. When a claim is made, the icons change from a "darkened house vacancy" icon to a "bright key" icon in addition to the member name and directory updates. Perhaps Geopages is just being slow. Empirical past evidence shows this can sometimes be the case. However, this does not explain the two addresses which have been given unto others. And THIS is not supposed to happen, since Geopages fires up its search engines to scan & report on duplications in any and all of the original fields, and finding duplicity, will request that you make another choice in the incriminating field. Maybe it's just an IP detection bust, which would indicate that my land grab is frowned upon by the Geo.

At this time I plan no other turf grab surges in the name of friendship. For those of you who know your way around the cyberblock. Now that I've alerted you to the process I would expect you to followup on your own if you are indeed interested. I of course will continue to monitor the status of these accounts, but yesterday's initial rush of excitement has turned sour in my mouth. However, please forward any possible correspondence Geopages may emit. Sorry for the confusion. My previous five stakes were charted flawlessly.


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