Unreasonable Doubt From A Reluctant Alarmist

11 Jan


Not Coincidence


Since I posted the previous note I had found on a site called Jihad Watch, I have considered the arguments, and am now convinced that self-deluding denial or outright rejection of the historical and permanent calls for the death of infidels by Islamic leadership is naive and dangerous. And while the Sunni Arabs and the Iranian Persians have a few racist issues between them, this issue of jihad as it concerns most Americans is not about race. It's about prime directive, theologic supremacy, and a clash of civilizations brought on the sudden wealth of the Islamic regimes thanks to the steady supply of petrodollars moving from the West to the region dominated by a long-dormant militarist ideology.

Before jumping to "politically correct" conclusions I recommend Jihad Watch and its affiliate, Dhimmi Watch for those of you who fear Christians but feel Muslims are innocent victims and harmless lambs. Both groups are hotbeds of ridiculous behavior, but only one of these groups has declared a war against you and me.

The Left and the Right are both letting us down. Look at the maps. Look at the numbers. Look at the outrages and redirection. This is neither 636 AD, the lead-in to the Crusades of the Middle Ages, the Inquisition of Torquemada, 1914, or 1932-45.

This is 2007, and the result of getting this clash of civilizations wrong will make all of those other eras seem like mere skirmishes.

You can read more in-depth information about these stirring world concerns and what should be of vital concern of ALL citizens here at the Scenewash Project, or by clicking on the Bellicose Augur link in the far left column.

Unreasonable doubt from a reluctant alarmist,


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