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25 Feb

Making It Real

Making It Real


Date: Tue Feb 25, 1997 1:03:59 PM

Times have certainly changed since the earliest pioneer days of the world wide web (as it was called then) explosion. The WWW protocol was launched in 1995. Internet Service Providers proliferated. Most individual sites in this new protocol were written as sub-domains as shown in the examples 1 and 2 below, and as the technology of domain mapping evolved, companies began pushing secondary domains to companies and individuals shown in example 3, as well as the hype witnessed below in Bill Shaw's post in italics.


Why does willingness to spend $50 a year for a domain name make a company legitimate? The thing that's stopping me from MY own domain name isn't the cost of registration. It's the cost of HOSTING the domain. I've been told those costs average in the $100/mo. neighborhood. Is it possible that I've got this wrong?

I'm hoping that there may have been a LE member that has dealt with this, and can offer me some help.

Thanks again,

Bill Shaw
Shattered Records

Bill, a few months ago when I was interested in registering my own "real" domain name I found this company called TABNET []. For $75 (it's now only fifty) TABnet handled all the paperwork with InterNIC (the official domain registration clearinghouse of the Internet). Internic billed me $100 for the first two years registration, and will bill me fifty a year thereafter. Meanwhile for 30 Mbs of virtual server space on a wickedly fast Apache system geographically located in Mountainview CA (I'm in Washington, DC) I pay $30 per month. While this isn't free, it's not the $100/month neighborhood you were mentioning. Should I choose to leave TABnet, they will forward all my registration documentation to the new server for free. They even allow unlimited E-mail addressing. In other words, will be forwarded to your main E-mail address at your local IP provider. Yes, you must maintain local Internet access, unless of course you live in Mountainview CA.

And by the way, my barely begun site is located at

Trust I've been of some service,


Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 16:46:07 -0500 (EST)

I saw your post in the LE Digest. Yep, Tabnet is the way to go. I keep it a secret here where I live because I have a website hosting company that I run with my TABNET site. I charge $9.00 a month, and with just four accounts, I pay for all of my online services for a year!

Best Regards,

Max W. Cottrell, Publisher
The Ypsilanti Community Information Service

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